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tour historic timbuktu landmarks: mosques, etc.
Historic Timbuktu landmarks
djinguereber mosque in timbuktu
Djinguereber Mosque in Timbuktu
Tuareg in the desert
Tuareg in the desert
Young tuareg cameleers
Young Tuareg cameleers
Timbuktu mosque
Timbuktu mosque
traditional architecture: moroccan style silver-work doors in timbuktu
Moroccan style silver-work doors
camel caravan in the desert
Camel caravan in the desert,
approaching Timbuktu
tuareg man and boy, princes of the desert
Tuareg man and boy, princes of the desert
Tuareg camp in the desert near timbuktu
Tuareg camp in the desert

We hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Timbuktu, desert domain of the Tuareg people.

(Timbuktu is sometimes spelled Timbucktu, Timbucktoo, or Tombouctou)

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