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Hello Travel Agents -

Welcome to Saga Tours website !

As Mali's leading upscale tour provider, we would be delighted to work with you in offering your clients a truly unique travel destination and a memorable travel experience. Africa is certainly not on the beaten path, and Mali's cultural tourism provides opportunities to see the cliff-dwelling Dogon people or the desert Tuaregs, the nomadic Fulani cattle-herders or the Bozo fishermen on the Niger River. These varied cultures provide a fascinating look into other ways of life. So for travelers who want more than to simply get away from their daily routine, Mali is well worth keeping in mind.

Our website tours are sold at net prices, and we can also custom-design tours of any duration, for groups of any size, also at net prices. Special interest groups are welcome, and we can offer a selection of activities for various age groups or for people who want more (or less) physical activity. For example, tours can include hiking—from a few hours' walk, to a week or so on foot in Dogon country, or no hiking at all. Same with camping: a little or a lot, or none at all, with all lodging in the best available hotels. Sailing on the Niger River in a traditional riverboat is also an option, from a brief sunset cruise to a four-day excursion from Mopti to Timbuktu. And there are opportunities to see traditional dances, as well as traditional artisans at work, and to purchase some of Mali's world-renowned art and crafts: Dogon sculpture, hand-made mudcloth, Tuareg silver and leatherwork, just to name a few.

Please consult our About Mali page for a brief description of Mali's most popular sites. You can also refer to our Itineraries page or our Multi-country tours page for ideas on creating your own itinerary. Then contact us with the particulars you have in mind—our Tour Request form will make that simple—and we will gladly send you a net price quote for any customized tour.

So why work through an intermediary? – contact Saga Tours, we are the local experts, ready to serve you.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to sharing with everyone the wonders of our beautiful continent !