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Customized Tour Request Form

To receive your bespoke tour (private, customized) itinerary, fill-in the appropriate items below, and click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. We will create a bespoke tour to your specifications and send it to you via e-mail, for your approval.

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How many days would you like to spend touring Mali?

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Please note: our prices are digressive, therefore lower per person, as the size of your party increases. A customized tour for a single traveler will be a bit costly, as there can be no cost-sharing.

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NB: Some tour activities (trekking, sailing) require camping.
When camping is included, travelers must bring their own sleeping bags.

Please note:
Requesting modest instead of best-available hotels will not have a large effect on the tour price, as prices are largely due to the cost of transportation. Also, in some locations the best-available is a modest hotel.

Type of room(s):
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Do you speak French?

Please check all the items you would like to have included in your itinerary.

Visit Dogon country – Select one of three:
Day trips on foot to visit villages
(no difficult climbing required)
All visits to villages by vehicle, and not on foot

Combination of village visits on foot and by vehicle

Trekking in Dogon country - this option requires overnight camping in the villages; the number of days is of your choice;
please indicate the number of days in the COMMENTS box below;
please also provide the names of the villages, if known, that you would like to visit

Attend a traditional Dogon mask dance ceremony (available in select villages only)

Visit Djenne, site of the fabulous Great Mosque, one of Unesco's World Heritage sites

Visit Mopti
, Mali's port city and melting pot, where many ethnic groups converge

Visit Segou
and Sekoro, ancient capital of the Bambara kingdom

Visit Sikasso
, in Mande country, Mali's green belt

Visit Bamako
(city tour, the National Museum, the market, the artisans' village)

Enjoy a sunset cruise on the Niger River
, in either Mopti or Segou

Attend a traditional hunters' dance
(available in select area only)

Other visits
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Comments: Please use this space to add any other pertinent information for your bespoke tour,
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