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Testimonials / Témoignages des voyageurs

"We want to thank you for a marvellous trip. We found it most interesting and learned a lot about Mali and the nearby countries. I would certainly recommend your company to others interested in west Africa and by all means you can use us as a reference if anyone is seeking feedback. There was a lot of driving but there was always something interesting to see and people were always friendly towards us. In fact we were overwhelmed by how happy most people were despite what are relatively poor living conditions."
Steve & Lorraine Arnaudon (June 2012)

"An excellent adventure ! ... far exceeded my expectations. This has been the dream-come-true trip of a limetime for me and I am so glad we chose Saga Tours."
Julia Ambrose (Oct. 2011)

"We are very very happy to have travelled in Mali with Saga Tours."
Giona Peduzzi (Aug. 2011)

"I had a wonderful experience in Mali."
Yukako Satone (May 2011)

"I am writing to tell you what a truly fantastic trip I had and just how much a I thoroughly enjoyed it.... It was exceptionally well organised in every respect and both our driver and guide were outstanding.... Thanks for your hard work in organising the trip for us. It was certainly an exceptionally memorable one, that I shall fondly remember for many years to come."
Ronald Huttner (Dec. 2009)

"We just can't tell you enough what a glorious, wonderful journey this has been.... There's not been a single moment we would have missed.... This has been one of the most fantastic trips we've ever taken, and we've taken lots."
Margo Lewis (Jan. 2009)

"We thank you very much for the wonderful holiday we had."
L.M. and M.V. (May 2008)

"We were really impressed at how smoothly everything went. We loved every minute of our trip."
V.V. (Oct. 2007)

"A wonderful experience. Long trips on the road but definitely worthwhile."
M.B. (Sep. 2007)

"The major factor in making the trip so enjoyable was Saga tours. You and your staff were extremely supportive and helpful throughout our stay...."
L.B. (Feb. 2007)

"We enjoyed Mali, thanks to Saga Tours, which made us feel safe & relaxed during our entire stay... I will be happy to recommend you to one and all."
R.I. (Dec. 2006)

"What an adventure ! Thanks for the trip of a lifetime."
B.B. (Oct. 2006)

"I had a fabulous time in Mali - far better even than I expected. Much of this was due to your excellent organisation."
R.W. (Jan. 2006)

"It was one of our first organized tours... everything was really perfectly organized... returning home full of positive impressions."
C.W. and R.B. (Jan. 2006)

"We are very content with the service provided... quite well organized tour!"
H.V. and K.H. (Nov. 2005)

"Thank you for the wonderful tour you organized for us; we are grateful for this opportunity to see a beautiful country with proud and peaceful people! Thanks again!"
G.P. (Oct. 2005)

"I have had excellent service twice."
S.B. (Oct. 2005; Sep. 2003)

"We would have no hesitation in recommending your company."
A.G. (Nov. 2005)

"A 5-star tour, everyone was excellent. I thank you so much."
W.K. (April 2005)

"I enjoyed my visit to Mali very much and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who wishes to see Mali."
M.L. (Feb. 2005)

"Je voulais aussi vous remercier pour le beau voyage que vous avez organisé. Il restera mémorable. Merci aussi pour votre disponibilité, votre ponctualité et votre patience."
M.M. (Août 2005)

"Vous trouverez ci-inclus le rapport que je viens de transmettre à mon agence lui confirmant, comme à vous, ma totale satisfaction."
Y.V. (Fev. 2005)

"Everything was handled professionally and correctly. Driver was very safe; guide was excellent. This was a wonderful vacation for us."
R.M. (Dec. 2004)

"We were very pleased with our experience with SAGA Tours. Thank you for a very memorable and pleasant tour."
R.H. (Feb. 2004)

"We wish you all the best and good luck for your business !!! Let us know when you would like us to do some publicity for Mali and SagaTours. We would definitely like to come back …."
N & C (Nov. 2004)

"We made a pleasant tour in your country. It was a good experience, and I would recommend Saga Tours any time and to any one."
W.S. (Nov. 2004)

"Just a note to say thank you for arranging our wonderful holiday in Mali, We all had a marvelous time both because of the lovely friendly people and because there was so much to see and do."
A.T. (Nov. 2004)

"Just a note to say thank you again for a wonderful, wonderful experience in Mali."
J.R. (Oct 2003)

"I have enjoyed the tour enormously and wish to thank you for your excellent organization. I have been treated with kindness, courtesy and consideration throughout the tour, and I think your staff is excellent! I have seen and learnt so much in such a short time!"
A.F. (Aug. 2002)

"Si quelqu'un désire visiter le Mali, sans aucun doute je leur conseillerai Saga Tours; grand bravo pour votre belle organisation."
L.P. (Avril 2002)

"Saga Tours was a pleasure to work with. Assou did a terrific job working with us to create and execute a wonderful tour of Mali. Everyone was professional and personable as well. Bravo! "
Stephen Wooten (Feb. 2012)

"The conditions and services have surpassed our expectations for Mali. It's a wonderful trip. We will recommend your agency to friends, and will definitely come back to Mali in future."
Xiao Hongmei (China) Feb. 2012

"Overall I was very pleased and will recommend Saga Tours. Hotels in general were better than we expected. Thank you !"
Elizabeth Stanley (Oct. 2011)

"We had a great trip. It exceeded our expectations in all respects.... We will certainly recommend Saga Tours to any of our friends planning to visit West Africa."
John Clark(Dec. 2009)

"We had an excellent tour. The driver and guide were outstanding. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would recommend Mali and Saga Tours to anyone !"
Derek O'Keeffe (July 2009)

"Thanks so much for making our trip to your country so enjoyable."
James & Diane Breivis (Feb. 2009)

"The arrangements provided by Saga at the Festival could not have been better... I always felt I was in safe hands.....The itinerary was great and somehow made one forget the vast distances that we packed into the days ."
Terry Jackson-Baker(Jan. 2009)

"We enjoyed ourselves so much, and your Staff was the reason. They never failed to follow up on any and everything we wanted to see, and they went the extra mile."
C.E-S. (Mar. 2008)

"I'm totally pleased with the service received.... A very good team for a very good experience."
A.N. (Mar. 2008)

"...very impressed with the smoothness and reliability of the operation."
G.McP. (Jan. 2008)

"A fantastic trip... will definitely recommend Mali and Saga Tours to our friends at home."
C.S. (Nov. 2007)

"This was an incredible journey!! It was very well done and I would recommend it to everyone!!"
J.B. (Oct. 2007)

"This is the tenth country in Africa I have visited in recent times and overall I have been pleasantly surprised here."
J.D.W. (Sep. 2007)

"Overall your program and services were fantastic - we had a great trip and we are glad we used your services."
K.L. (Jan. 2007)

"...extremely helpful, interested, takes great care of clients....""
B.L. and O.L. (Oct. 2006)

"Saga Tours does a great job in a very challenging environment!"
S.H. (Jan. 2006)

"Many thanks to you and your team on the ground, for a pleasurable and comfortable experience."
J.B. (Nov. 2005)

"Nous tenions à vous redire à quel point nous avions apprécié ce séjour dans votre pays... c'est le plus beau voyage que nous ayons fait... "
F.B. (Nov. 2005)

"... abiding memories of your fantastic country and the great trip that you arranged for my friends and me."
D.F. (Feb. 2005)

"Saga Tours will take very good care of you and you can ask your guide about anything that's difficult to undertand in the culture."
R.D. (March 2005)

" ... my head is still spinning from the rich experience of the last two weeks. Thanks to you and your team, it was a positive experience, beginning to end."
S.A. (Feb. 2005)

"The hotels and courtesy were more than adequate, in fact, more than we expected from having read the guide books. Your tours are truly fantastic and tailored to the specific needs of the tourist. Thank you."
J.R. Sep. 2005

"I have just returned to the United States from my trip to Mali, I wanted to express my great pleasure with your company. I will certainly recommend Saga Tours to anyone I know who is going to Mali."
J.V. (July 2005)

"Overall, an excellent trip, we very much enjoyed meeting the people and seeing the variety of Mali."
S.C (March 2005)

"Altogether a perfect trip to a country full of lovely people. Thank you."
J.K. and J.H. ((Nov. 2004)

"I will be your biggest advertisement - loved the trip and do plan to return in a few years."
B.K. (May 2004)

"Thanks for your effort. Our trip was fabulous and you and your crew did a wonderful job."
P.S. (Jan. 2004)

"Juste un petit mot pour vous remercier, une fois encore, pour les prestations que vous avez mis en oeuvre tant par vous-même que par vos deux guides."
H.V. (Fev. 2004)

"Encore un grand merci pour ce merveilleux voyage."
A.G. (Nov. 2003)

"Thank you again for the kindnesses both you and your staff extended to us. It was a trip we will never forget."
C.I. (Dec. 2003)

"Thank you again for an excellent trip."
R.S. (Oct. 2003)

"Saga Tours provided a simply wonderful travel experience for my husband, grown daughter, and me."
M.S. (Oct 2003)

"It truly was one of the very special experiences in my life, touring your beautiful country. Thanks again for the wonderful care and kindness you and your staff extended to us."
I.B. (March 2002)