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Photos of Timbuktu, the Niger River, Dogon country, Djenne, Mopti and other fascinating sites
in Mali, West Africa

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Photos of Djenne, Timbuktu's sister-city
Djenne scenes
Photos of Mopti, Mali's port city on the Niger River
Mopti scenes
Dogon masks in action
Dogon masks
Photos of dogon village scenes
Dogon village scenes
Photos of Timbuktu and desert scenes
Timbuktu and desert scenes
Panoramic views of the Bandiagara escarpement, in Dogon country
Bandiagara escarpment
Dogon fetishism
Dogon fetishism
On the Niger River
On the Niger River
Malian portraits
People portraits
Malian lifestyles photos
Daily life in Mali

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