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Cruise the Niger River in a traditional riverboat; visit Fulani nomads and Bozo fishing villages along Lake Debo and the inland delta of the Niger River

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niger river travel in maliOn the
lake debo Niger
niger inland delta River
Bozo fishermen's children
Bozo village welcome
hippo in the niger river
Hippos in the Niger River
quiet harbor on the niger river at day's end
quiet harbor at day's endQuiet harbor at day's end
villagers sailing the niger to the market
Bozo people going to the market
Bozo villagers going to the market
bozo fishermen's huts
Bozo fishermen's huts
traditional architecture
Bozo pinnaceniger river tours
Bozo pinnace
transporting animal fodder on the niger river
Transporting animal fodder
on the niger river, approaching timbuktu
Approaching Timbuktu
djenne ferry crossing on market day
Djenne ferry crossing on market day
niger riverside gardens
Riverside gardens
pirogues rigged with sails on the niger riverniger river travel
Pirogues rigged with sails

We hope you enjoyed this photo journey on the Niger River.

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