Saga Tours - Travel to Dogon country in Mali, West Africa

Dogon village scenes, featuring traditional granaries, houses and togunas
in Mali, West Africa
dogon villages

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Dogon country: mosque and escarpment in kani kombole village
Kani Kombole village mosque
Dogon country: unique mosque in nando village
Unique mosque in Nando village
Dogon country: niongono village view
Village view in Niongono
baobab tree
Baobab tree
Dogon country: circumcision grotto, rock paintings in songo village
Circumcision grotto and rock paintings
in Songo village on the Dogon plateau
Dogon country: banani village granaries and toguna
Banani village granaries and typical Dogon toguna
Dogon country: hogon in ende village
Visiting the Hogon in Ende village
Dogon country: sacred crocodiles in amani village
Sacred crocodiles in Amani village
Dogon country: bandiagara escarpement overlook
Bandiagara escarpment overlook
Dogon country: toguna, seat of dogon village government
A toguna, the seat of Dogon village government
Dogon country: hogon's shrine in sangha
Hogon's shrine in Sangha
Dogon woman spinning cotton thread
Dogon woman spinning cotton thread
Dogon country: tellem houses carved in the bandiagara escarpement
Tellem houses in the Bandiagara Escarpment
Dogon country: bringing water to the Dogon village ana odjou
Bringing water to the Dogon village Ana Odjou
Dogon country: granaries for crop storage
Dogon granaries for crop storage
Dogon country: mask dancers and drummers in tireli village
Dogon mask dancers and drummers in Tireli village

(end of Mali's Dogon village scenes)

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