Saga Tours - Travel to Dogon country in Mali, West Africa

Mask dancers of the traditional animist Dogon culture in Mali, West Africa

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mali, dogon, west africaDogon
dogon masks masks
dogon country
kanaga masks in dogon culture
Kanaga masks
dogon people's stilt masks
Dogon stilt masks
dogon animist masks dancing
Mask ensemble
Dogon rabbit masks
Rabbit masks dancing
Maison à étages
High-rise Dogon masks
kanaga and buffalo masks in dogon culture
Kanaga and buffalo masks
rabbit and antelope masks
Rabbit and antelope masks
dogon fulani-maiden-masks
Fulani maiden masks dogon masks, dogon culture, masked dancers, african masks, kanaga
the farmer mask
' The Farmer ' Dogon mask

(end: Dogon masks and mask dancers)

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