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Djenne — ancient sister-city of Timbuktu and vibrant West African market town on the Niger River delta

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grand mosque on market day in djenne
The Grand Mosque on market day in Djenne
djenne rooftop labyrinth
Djenne rooftop labyrinth
eastern facade of the djenne mosque
Eastern facade of Djenne's Grand Mosque
local artisan in Djenne
Local artisan making jewelry
young djenne market vendors in Djenne
Young Djenne market vendors
overview of the djenne market
Overview of the Djenne market
niger river overflows its banks on the outskirts of Djenne
Niger River overflows its banks
on the outskirts of Djenne
djenne courtyard in the old moroccan style
Courtyard in the old Moroccan style
the great mosque of djenne, one of unesco's world heritage sites
Djenne's Great Mosque, one of
Unesco's World Heritage sites

Djenne, jewel of the Niger delta, awaits you !

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