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Bandiagara escarpment, Mali, West Africa
Bandiagara escarpment with a Dogon village
at its base

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Mini Tours of Mali

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Standard Tours
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These brief excursions are popular with visitors who are already in Mali; for travellers coming to Mali specifically to visit our beautiful country, our longer standard tours are more worthwhile because Mali is vast and there is so much to see.

These short tours are private, and arranged upon request; there are no group departures, no fixed departure dates.
Post-conference tours will be customized and implemented upon request.

Tours start and finish in Bamako; they include:
  • private ground transportation
  • all accommodations outside Bamako, with continental breakfast
  • experienced English-speaking guide-escort
  • all hotel taxes and local tourism taxes
  • all sightseeing and entry fees, as per itinerary

Tours do not include travel to/from Mali, non-specified meals, drinks/bottled water, tips, optional items and personal expenses.

**Post-conference tours** : many conference-attendees would love to visit Mali for a few days after their conference, but the price can be surprisingly high for only 1-2 travellers (due to transportation costs—Mali is vast and the interesting sites are far from Bamako). If you get other conference participants to join you, transportation costs are shared and the tour price per person becomes very reasonable.

To request a price, be sure to indicate the number of persons in your travel party, and the timing of your visit.

3-day / 2-night Tours

Tour M302 - Djenne, pearl of the Niger delta: visit the Great Mosque, the weekly market, mudcloth artisans in their workshops, the Djenne Jeno archaeological site

Tour M303 - Mopti, Mali's melting pot: visit the port, the market; afternoon river cruise in a traditional pinnace

Tour M304 - Dogon country: visit two or three Dogon villages, as time permits; some hiking possible on the Bandiagara escarpment

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4-day / 3-night Tours

Tour M401 - Mopti, Djenne, Segou
This trip to the center of Mali will show you old and the new in the heart of the ancient Bambara kingdom, including Timbuktu's ancient sister-city, traditional mud-brick architecture, a busy port and the mighty Niger river

Tour M405 - Dogon country, Mopti, Djenne
Visit Dogon villages along the Bandiagara escarpment, with option to attend a traditional mask dance, part of the Dogon people's funerary rites; Mopti city tour; Djenne city tour

Tour M406 - Riverboat outing
mali travel, africa mali, short stays, brief tours, mini toursDrive to Segou, city tour, hotel lodging; next day begin your private riverboat sailing excursion to Mopti; visit Bozo fishing villages along the way; overnight camping on the riverbank; arrive in Mopti, city tour, hotel lodging; return drive to Bamako

5-day / 4-night Tours

Tour M501 - Dogon country
Visit seven villages: Songo, Ireli, Tireli, Amani, Banani, Yuga and Yenduma; option to witness a traditional mask dance; see sacred crocodiles

Tour M502 - Dogon country, Mopti, Djenne
Visit three Dogon villages (option to attend a traditional mask dance; visit a circumcision grotto) plus Mopti and Djenne

Tour M503 - Trekking on the Bandiagara escarpment
Includes three days on foot to visit the Dogon villages Tiogou, Arou, Koundou, Yuga, Banani, Amani and Ireli; two nights camping in villages; see sacred crocodiles; option to witness a traditional Dogon mask dance

5-day / 4-night Tour

Dogon Express Tour (see the complete itinerary)

Roundtrip Bamako-Dogon country-Bamako gives three full days to visit Dogon villages along the Bandiagara escarpment.

6-day / 5-night Tour

Mali Express tour (see the complete itinerary)

See all the basic sites in Mali, in only 6 days: Mopti and the Niger River; Djenne and the Great Mosque; Dogon country, Segou and Bamako