SAGA TOURS of Bamako, Mali - Adventure travel to Dogon country, Mopti, and Djenne in Mali, West Africa

MALI, the jewel of West Africa —
visit Djenne, Mopti, Dogon country, Segou and Bamako

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Music & Culture
Festival Tours:
Festival on the Niger
in Segou, Mali

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Regretfully, all tours are suspended due to insecurity and the ongoing state of emergency.
Saga Tours' primary concern is the safety of our guests and our staff.

Dogon village on the Bandiagara escarpment in Mali,West Africa

Places to Visit

· Fascinating Dogon country, with its stone houses and granaries clinging to sheer cliff walls

· Mopti, Mali's trade center and cultural 'melting pot'

· Djenne, one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites

· Legendary Timbuktu, gateway to the Sahara Desert

· Bamako, Mali's dynamic capital city

· Mande country and its traditional gold mines

· Segou, former French colonial capital

· Hand of Fatima,
natural rock formation in the Hombori Mountains

· Djenne Jeno archeological site

· Lake Debo of the inland
Niger River Delta

Things to do

· hiking the Bandiagara escarpment

· sailing the Niger River

· witness a traditional divination ceremony in a Dogon village

· visit the Hogon, traditional leader of the Dogon people, in his mountain sanctuary

· track elephants in the Douentza Reserve

· explore the sacred grotto of Misiri Koro

· visit traditional pottery makers

· attend a colorful local festival:
Festival in the Desert
Festival on the Niger

Sights to see
mali travel
· traditional mask dances in Dogon villages

· colorful local markets

· Tuareg silversmiths at work

· traditional weavers and dyers of mudcloth (bogolan)

· Bozo fishermen, masters of the Niger

· Djenne's Great Mosque, the world's largest mud-brick architecture

· hippos in the Niger River

· Takamba, traditional Tuareg dance

· nomadic Fulani cattle herders

· ancient Tellem cave dwellings

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